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The Muslim Call to Prayer


Al-Adhān - The Call to Prayer

The dh in adhān represents a single letter in the Arabic alphabet. Depending on the region one is from, this letter is pronounced as a voiced "th" (as in "then") or "z" (as in zither).

Sunni Translation
Allāhu akbar (4x) God is most great (4x)
Ashhadu 'an lā ilāha illa llāh (2x) I bear witness that there is no god but God (2x)
Ashhadu 'anna Muhammadan rasulu'llāh (2x) I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God (2x)
Hayy 'ala s-salā (2x) Come to prayer (2x)
Hayy 'ala l-falāh (2x) Come to success (2x)
Allāhu akbar (2x) God is most great (2x)
Lā ilāha illa llāh There is no god but God