Sulayman Nyang, PhD

Dr. Sulayman Nyang, chair of Howard University’s African Studies Department, has prepared a lecture entitled, “A Time of Civility? The Historical Roots of Interreligious Tension and the Prospect for Harmony.” This lecture examines, through a comparative method, interfaith cooperation during Abdul Rahman’s antebellum America, and the post 9/11 interreligious landscape of the early 21st century. What does Abdul Rahman’s period have to teach us about interreligious harmony and tolerance? How does this period shape the identities of religious communities in our day? Dr. Nyang comments: “At the time of Abdul Rahman’s life, slavery and the disrespect of other faith communities were paramount. Today America has evolved and matured and this higher level of spiritual and cultural sophistication stands to benefit immeasurably from the saga of Abdul Rahman.”